Islam Is Not A Religion Of Terrorism Poem by Daya Nandan

Islam Is Not A Religion Of Terrorism

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Islam is not a religion of terrorism,
Nor does it promote senseless barbarism,
It is a religion just like any other,
Teaching lessons of peace to one another,

Have trust in me my fellow readers,
Terrorist are certainly not religious leaders,
They are misguided madmen so full of lies,
That want to achieve goals with methods unwise,

They distort religions to fool young men,
To recruit more workers within their den,
They distort and use selected verses as a shield,
A fake excuse to swing the swords that they wield,

It is like carefully selecting sentences from a book,
To distort its true content when others take a look,
A false message is conveyed to evoke bias and hate,
To fool people into making a storm that cannot abate,

No religion promotes the killing of innocent lives,
None say it is alright to stab innocents with knives,
Terrorists do not speak for Muslims by their madness,
Nor should Muslims be punished for a terrorist's badness,

To all the Muslims and none Muslims alike,
Lets stop the chain of hate, discrimination and dislike
We must reject the terrorists false narrative of Islam,
Stop discriminating innocents as well as remain calm.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: peace,religion
Hans Vr 03 December 2015

Wonderful poem, filled with wisdom and truth. Excellent!

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Daya Nandan 11 July 2016

Thank you i am glad you enjoyed it

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Daya Nandan 11 July 2016

thank you i am glad you enjoyed reading it

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Travis Jones 01 December 2015

God bless you ,And i hope everyone who reads this sees the truthfulness of it!

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Chinedu Dike 02 October 2019

Really an insightful rendition on the nation of Islam, well conceived and nicely brought forth in persuasive expressions with conviction. Thanks for sharing, Daya.

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Jane Campion 01 August 2019

Faith has perversions and diversions.

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jo ally 15 October 2018

well done on your exceptional poetry... my grade 1 learners in a school in South Africa have recited some of your poetry at assembly...inspirational words

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Unwritten Soul 21 August 2016

You are right Daya, in this world we may have different faith but its not religion ask us to hate each other, but the greed and our bad hearts that lead us to that.. Its not religion, race or status that make us different as human but how we use our mind to control all negativity and radical emotions..keep it up :)

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Yahaya Maina 10 July 2016

Wonderful poem, filled with wisdom and truth. Excellent! God bless you.

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