Dogs Poem by Daya Nandan


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A dog's loyalty has no bounds,
Be it shepherds, mastiffs or even hounds,
A sense of loyalty as profound as the perfect wife,
Your dog would risk it all just to save your life,

The love of a dog seems to have no end,
They truly are ‘man's best friend',
When humans would abuse and hurt their own,
Your dog will stand by you, you'll never be alone,

A dog's courage seems to rival that of a lion,
Fearless for it's master, it's nerves of iron,
For even when faced with the great dangers of the earth,
Your dog will look death in the eye just to prove it's worth,

Such traits in humans is now hard to find,
For man today has forgotten the virtues of the mind,
Dogs are truly magnificent, beautiful creatures of god above,
They would die for their masters, they truly deserve our love,

They have been by man for more than 10,000 years,
Hanging by us in danger, in joy and even when we are in tears,
They were there for our ancestors, they helped push us to where we are,
Without their aid, early man could never have traveled this far,

They will stand by you even if you are poor or rich,
Try their level best to help you out when you are in a ditch,
They don't need much, just your presence and care,
And they will climb do things that no man shall dare,

They only require necessities, what a simple life may need,
Unlike most corrupted minds clouded with gluttony and greed,
So don't ever abuse these angels, let not this fact be in a fog,
A man can only comprehend such wisdom once he has loved a dog.

Thursday, July 23, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: animals,dogs
Brian Taylor 13 January 2019

Nice poem Daya, I love the way you rhyme in all of your poems and I would also like you to know that you're one of my favorite poets.

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Dee Corpolongo 07 May 2016

BEAUTIFUL! ...and so well put! I LOVE dogs esp. my own, whether it's a puppy, or whether it's full grown and to have the love of a dog, is a blessing sent from God honor, cherish, and to love...

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Anil Kumar Panda 22 February 2016

There is no human as faithful as a dog. Nicely done.

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Daya Nandan 23 February 2016

i a glad you enjoyed it.. dogs are truly man's best friend

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