Cosmic Soliloque: How Humane Is The Judgment Of Souls? Poem by oio ZIGA

Cosmic Soliloque: How Humane Is The Judgment Of Souls?

In the begining was the #word,
And the word was with God.
For the word was actually God.
It was with God that all things were
The personality of the souls of #mankind
had been described in the likeness of even
the very 'image of God' himself.
Which means in retrospect that mankind
had erstwhile been resident spirits in the
God's heavenly(celestial) realm.
Now, it is God's plan that #mankind is set
up for a period of test on specially
prepared 'bootcamp' earth. But first,
mankind's advantage must be removed.
What is implied here is that, in order for
God to create an enabling assessment
spectrum for a (life time) on earth, God
must first remove any prior experiences,
personlities and pre-existing powers and
conditions existent in the spiritual
personality of mankind.
After which 'Mankind' is made into a
weaker vessel, mortal in form and
willpower. And completely un aware of
himself as having previously existed a
more higher being.
So, as a mortal, with a virtually wiped
memory of a previous existence or
experience, the stage is perfectly set for
mankind to start His eartheral test on a
clean slate.
Man must learn to live, grow and become
a perfect creation all by himself with only
little mirraged guidiance from the creator
For this is an important requirement for
mankind to prove himself worthy of his
exulted estate in the presence of God.
However, mostly has it been recorded that
trapped within a very dense and hugely
failted mortal form of the (flesh) ,
#mankind has suffered many failings, sins,
rebelling against all things Godly and pure.
An aspect of the test which was pre
emptively anticipated, judging from
evidences of generational guidiance
(prophets) provided through out the
centuries of ancient ages.
But the question which disturbs the heart
of the enlightened has remained that of
the credibility and humaneness of the
judgement that shall befall any human soul
that failed the test of earth.
Does the experience lived by mankind
whilst on earth perish as he dies, or does
it follow him to his judgement date?
If mankind is then judged based on his
experience as a mortal soul,
shall his previous profile as a
pre- existing spiritual being not be given
an equal consideration or pondering.
So, that mankind might -
stand a chance at a fair trial?
For it will be an unfaire arrangement to
judge mankind to condemnation by only
considering his failings or sundry
experience whilst he liveth as an imparfect
human soul, and not his previously
perfect spiritual personality considered.
...I love God as a consept
as much as an empirical experience.
I believe Him to be true,
just, most wise and fair,
and ofcourse through faith in Him
in the real Christ Jesus.
Lord and Saviour of my kind.
The human kind... in this seen realm,
and many more yet hidden from all
unspiritually inspired.
Amen. selah

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