Court Ship Then Marriage (I Was Happy) Poem by Uloia Norris Moore

Court Ship Then Marriage (I Was Happy)

The few that I am
in respect
like this.

I knew she would be
my wife our future
it seemed.

Twirled around
unsound advise
for a child I knew
we would have
borne not
out of

Not had those whom
were married
3 4 5 6 times unsound
advice to my wife
most unkind.

A church happy
was I to break
so said cycle
invited only
whoms marriage
still lives.

Being as my wife
is unduly influenced
by others with flaw
countermand such

I could not where others
have failed
mother sisters brothers
knew not happy.

When she whom
I do still love
divorce not
in my

The rest are
now happy
my brain has
been halved
such evil.

I ignorant cannot
that others
have failed
so must your
own son.

Meggie Gultiano 03 October 2007

well penned..thanks for this

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Elysabeth Faslund 04 August 2007

I do love the poem you left as a comment! This poem leaves many questions...was there a child? Only one question, among about five. What country had the laws written for your marriage? If a poem leaves questions for the reader, then it is a good one, indeed! Not lightly have you written this! ! xxElysabeth

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Blue angel Florida 28 July 2007

I am sorry about that one, and I did live it as well, but at the end, I realize that if the other half was not as strong to want and keep the UNIT above and beyond anything else, then maybe the other half didn't have the same love and for that reason called it irretrivable broken...Still the moon has its fases, half fool, half empty, invisible to our eyes, and really beautiful and FULL as Tonight :)

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Uloia Norris Moore

Uloia Norris Moore

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