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I am woman and I have borne the Torah on a gold cloth
Over my shoulder.
I have consecrated its dust-leadened parchment,
Cradling the scrolls into temple darkness...

A woman runs around the house all day
Thinking 'This night, I'll play,
I'll tickle his fancy when he gets home.
After all, I've cleaned, cooked, all alone.'

Matter...known, unknown.
Possible, probable.

The days, invariably, quickly pass.
Natures care not to amend tiresome hours
Hiding, lurking, sleeping. Casting away
From mortal shores. Trespassing. Always gray.

I guard your eyes at the dawning...
Veiling you from intrusion.
I guard your face in sleep.
I sing demons of dreams back

Courtship, without marriage...
How romantic, indeed.

Marriage, without courtship...

You ain't hittin' on nothin
Forget about homemade bread
Forget about coffee at 5a.m.
Think about things you said

Look at me, I'm a mah-ve-lous cat.
I'm stalking the elephanormous mouse.
I'm curling my tail, flexing my nails...
Look at them gleam in my pretty-purr paws.

We do not know
The blood type
Of the next galaxy...

A cat of a cat of a
Witch of a wind!
John's just a patsy!
John's gonna send

Droning words, unfortunately read
This tender, fog-draped morning,
Has done nothing for my appreciation
Of the world of the 'Genie'...

Cletus and Leotard came over that day,
(five hours late) to install mini-blinds.
Lord, help us. Lead us in this valley of
Tears, to pray.

I burned your toothbrush
Slept by myself
Last night.

All I want is love...
Say it.
All I want is the world...
Wrap it.

It came down, in the end, to starlight...
Dusted lashes blinking,
Eyes trailing intricate arms of galaxies,
Thinking with breaths of blood,

Half cup sleepy
Three teaspoons
Silvered dew

It is time to test the Winter Willows
Rooted on banked edges of Autumn suns
Rivering through September, on their way
Downstream...rapidly tumbling yesterdays

Had I but world enough in time,
This slowness, Poemhunter, would be no crime! ! ! ! ! ! !
Vaster than Empires! ! ! But you don't mend! ! ! ! !

Soft cotton on the staircase, velveted all around...
Ghosting whispers, faint airs drifting...
Eternal calls.
Passing up and on, turning twice...then

Ice dancing. Tip-toe. Quiet.
Inlay of pebbles, boulders
Moving slow. Slower. Silence.
Mist. Fog. Trance dream.

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Something here for everyone. Mythology, humor, love, Katrina poems, ancient times, history, loss, etc.)

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I am woman and I have borne the Torah on a gold cloth
Over my shoulder.
I have consecrated its dust-leadened parchment,
Cradling the scrolls into temple darkness...
Clicked-shut the doors, saddened and empty.
I am of childbearing age...
I am crimson with life.
I have touched the Ark.
I have read the Covenant.

I cannot lighten the laws of heaven.
I have nothing to do with clouds or sin, but
I could have shown them where Eden was hidden...
The forgotten way going home again.

I have caressed the male god on his couch
In a ghost-haunted room, a candle-dark room...
Remembering a soul, but eyes with no spark.
I have soothed his forehead in the dead hours,
Softening his terror, silencing his scream,
'Mother, do not leave me again'.

I cannot replace the laws of heaven.
I have nothing to gain from angels or sin, but
I put him on the road to Eden...
The long-hidden path going home again.

I am woman and I come adorned with a
Mitre of thorns.
I own salvation, blessed and chaliced...
Giving to sinners,
Selling to saints.
I have witnessed the sins of gods.
I have dried the unwarranted tears of Eve.
I have confessed and absolved the dead.

I will not revise the laws of heaven.
I will not tamper with death or sin, but
I will wait for you in Eden...
At the end of the road going home again.

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Angela Barker 13 September 2007

Moving and vivid. An ever changing landscape of poetry that sucks in the reader and holds them in gentle palms. Elysabeth Faslund's poetry is written to be savored.

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Jerry Hughes 10 May 2007

...one of the joys of life is a pleasant surprise - it's been mine lately to find and read Elysabeth Faslund's poerty. Thank you ma'am

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Elysabeth Faslund 23 August 2022

I'm back at home. And I entered a first book contest at 8p.m. last night. Now all I have to do is learn how to add new poetry to my submission...Any teachers out there?

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Elysabeth Faslund 08 June 2021

Well I just made a damned comment!

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Elysabeth Faslund 26 June 2013

Thanks to all of you! Never knew what to expect here. This made my Wednesday, June 26th,2013!

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Patti Masterman 13 April 2012

What a cute lady, and such a bountiful and wonderful writer, we are blessed to have her here, all to ourselves, at Poemhunter! Nice to encounter someone so skilled at her craft.

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Robert Howard 31 May 2008

A poet of extraordinary range and skill who can shake our souls with the mysteries of the universe or give us a good chuckle with a light hearted verbal pastry.

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