Florida Angel

Florida Angel

Rio 40 Graus..Cidade Maravilha...Delray Beach
Florida Angel
Rio 40 Graus..Cidade Maravilha...Delray Beach
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God is my Inspiration and the Truth my enlightenment.

May My Heart be with you,
and our moments of a lifetime.

I was born in Brazil,
But In US I Live by Proud Choice.
With respect you earn my friendship,
I'm here to learn, teach me something,
let's share or fly...Free Souls in this Beautiful CyberSpace!

Be a friend, YES YOU CAN, ...

Florida Angel Poems

…. T E R C E S…. E H T ….

From thousand miles away my mother’s voice on the other line
Excited about something really amazing: “THE SECRET”
- My daughter you must read it, you must see it! It is Amazing!

Are You Happy Now?

I lost the track but not the faith
I lost the connection can't feel you safe
Can't tell where you are, or what you are feeling
Don't know if you are well, neither imagine you breathing.

Call Love, Love Call, Love All!

C for you to see
P for you to Pray
G for you to Guide

A Prostitute

Young, heart broken,
Free giving, her soul to life,
Free receiving, life into her soul.

A Message From A Poet...

'Listen to your heart, let it loose and write...'
And so I try...And suddenly emptiness results;
My heart...So big and warm, but weak and hurt:
Oh heart of mine, tell your secrets to the world!

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Salvie Rosales 20 August 2007

I like the way you wrote this poem....It's really nice...

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