Covered :) Poem by Jamelia Lane

Covered :)

I'd like to feel covered, protected

or is it that my mind is projecting

that I'm protected put up in the safeness

Of the clouds and the comfort of the sky

Set up like a valuable piece of china

not to be tampered with or poked like and experiment

Not to be touched because i said i don't want to be touched

Just caressed like you actually care about what your holding

To be held like i was being dropped and to never return

covered as the dark blanket covers the morning sky than thing we call night

And the holes that are in the blanket where the light seeps through we call that stars

The white paint you spill on the blanket the day before shaped as a circle we call that the moon.

I like to feel covered as a coat covers your body from the cold

And a shoes covers your feet form, and needles you may come upon

That shoe covers your foot form the hurt anything on the ground may try to cause

That ride we all get on that may stop at different places and let you off and there are things u aren't ready for

That ride we call life.

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