Dancing In The Rain Poem by Jamelia Lane

Dancing In The Rain

I loved to do because no one sees Your pain
Twisting and jumping and mabey a little stomping
splish splashing jumping from puddle to puddle
The wind starts to blow leaving you a little chilly but
But you want to dance a little more and bring your mind from your body
Your telling the sky how you feel
and the rain wispers in your ears
the puddles dance on your feet
the darkness wipes the tears from your face
the stars smile and say its alright
one day like me you will shine bright
The moon picked me up into the sky
it told me one day i would fly
rocket flew by and i saw pictures of myself
theres 1,2 oo 3
A good time the moon showed me
BUT it was time to go back to reality
And the moon put me back on my feet
in the rain i continued dancing
as the trees spund around
and the puddles swished on the ground
I wouldnt be me if i didnt feel real pain
Thats why i decide to dance in the rain
see i had fun in the wet outdoors
the rain lifted me and showed me more open doors..
In my dreams i can soarrr!
But i can also Dance in the rain!

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