The Pieces Of You! Poem by Jamelia Lane

The Pieces Of You!

They were not longer words but symbols
Kinda Like pieces to a puzzle
But i couldn't speak i felt like a dog with a muzzle
Then i could no longer hear
Because i no longer wanted to hear the pain
which clouded my mind with who to blame
Then i went blind
Not wanting to see the hurt
From draggin my heart in the dirt
Then my body went limp
No tickle, touch or feeling

It's about time my body needs a healing
To open my eyes and see
All the beautiful things that make me, me
To feel the love that runs through my veins
And to no longer feel the pain
To open my ears to the musical sound in my vioce
To be able to laugh be happy and rejoice
to be a smart and beautiful young lady
not letting all the bad things phase me
To learn the power to ignore
Because right now i have the floor
To be me and live free

I think that makes a beautiful Milly
Put the pieces together and you'll find out
What the world is REALLY about.
Find in your heart the things that are true
Then you'll find the pieces of a puzzle that makes beautiful YOU♥

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