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little girl little girl what are you crying for
tears funning down your face outside my door
wipes your eyes with all those tear
remember what I told you only 3 more years

Red Is the Color I See
Red is the only color she can see
Dripping from the sky sliding from the trees
Red is the only color she sees

From the crackheads and Ghetto streets

To the rapidness of my heart beats

I guess as time passes I mean nothing to you

I guess it is a way to say were threw

I loved to do because no one sees Your pain
Twisting and jumping and mabey a little stomping
splish splashing jumping from puddle to puddle
The wind starts to blow leaving you a little chilly but


In my world there are two kinds of lost
the one where you want to be found no matter the cost
then thers the lost where you dont want to be found
no matter how hard anyone tried to look around

I'd like to feel covered, protected

or is it that my mind is projecting

I jumped in to cleanse myself
From the hurt and pain
And the blood seeping through my veins
Every dropp of water had a question

an open scar that never healed

knees bent and always kneeled


Hey mama I never go to tell you thank you
For loving me caring for me and all that you do
I love you so much this you know
I don’t ever want you to go


so tired of seeing ur face
I'm about to put you in ur place
u see i knw if i do that
then everythin will go black

I look up at the sky

and i began to cry

They were not longer words but symbols
Kinda Like pieces to a puzzle

Open your eyes to things you pretend not to see

With eyes wide open how could you act so blindly

Living in the streets all her life
Watching her father beat his wife
Who was her mother
They were all she had since she had lost her brother

Where has the love gone?
Love is always finding a way to escape
It slips through your fingers and run when u turn you head
Snap! Your heart breaks into pieces


How could Helen handle her husband hitting her like a punching bag
Helen's heart was cold as stone hard like a rock
Slam! Slam! Being knocked into the wall
Her heart cried inside as it no longer beat in her chest

missing you is like a day with no sunshine a smile that dosent rise and plane that dosent fly
missing you is like rain that never dropp a car that dosent stop a marker with no top
missing you is like a face with a frown a person not able to calm down a queen with no crown
missing you brings tears to my eyes a butterfly that neverflies in my eyes he wetness that never dries

More and more

i miss you more and more everyday!
i miss you as much as the sunshines
i miss you everytime i dont see you
i miss ya everytime you smile

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well i am not a poet i just like to write.I express myself through my writing and i just feel it and write it down.. at times i get up in the middle of the night and write what i feel.. thanks everyone for taking out your precious time to read my poetry: -) Love, J)

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Just Something That Came To Me In The Middle Of The Night

little girl little girl what are you crying for
tears funning down your face outside my door
wipes your eyes with all those tear
remember what I told you only 3 more years
but you don’t understand the pain inside
crying night and day all I do is hide
my heart is hurting inside so bad
crying and crying and I don’t know why she’s so mad
I miss you so much and my tears tell me so
wondering the next time I will see you and say hello
I look to the sky and see the moon
wondering if will see you soon
I used to having you by my side one call away
now I have been lonely since u been taken away from me
my heart cries in the middle of the night
wish you were here and in the sight
you tell me over and over it will be okay
but I tell u I wish it wouldn’t be this way
you away from me like a person with no voice
stolen, snatched, and given up I had no choice
I love you so much and I told u so
this is forever I am never letting you go

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Jamelia Lane Popularity

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