Jamelia Lane Poems

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Just Something That Came To Me In The Middle Of The Night

little girl little girl what are you crying for
tears funning down your face outside my door
wipes your eyes with all those tear
remember what I told you only 3 more years

Red Is The Color I See

Red Is the Color I See
Red is the only color she can see
Dripping from the sky sliding from the trees
Red is the only color she sees

From &To

From the crackheads and Ghetto streets

To the rapidness of my heart beats

You Dont Care

I guess as time passes I mean nothing to you

I guess it is a way to say were threw

Dancing In The Rain

I loved to do because no one sees Your pain
Twisting and jumping and mabey a little stomping
splish splashing jumping from puddle to puddle
The wind starts to blow leaving you a little chilly but


In my world there are two kinds of lost
the one where you want to be found no matter the cost
then thers the lost where you dont want to be found
no matter how hard anyone tried to look around

Covered :)

I'd like to feel covered, protected

or is it that my mind is projecting


I jumped in to cleanse myself
From the hurt and pain
And the blood seeping through my veins
Every dropp of water had a question

An Open Scar

an open scar that never healed

knees bent and always kneeled


Hey mama I never go to tell you thank you
For loving me caring for me and all that you do
I love you so much this you know
I don’t ever want you to go

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