Covid-19 Infected? The First Positive News I've Heard About Donald Trump! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Covid-19 Infected? The First Positive News I've Heard About Donald Trump!

By Stanley Collymore

Get well Donald Trump- so
will somebody pass him
the prized Domestos
bleach- as you've
a jail sentence
to serve for myriad tax
infringements when
you're no longer
the President
of the US

Exactly as it ought to be!
Basically, too, Donald's
awful grandstanding,
noticeably piss-poor
and rather pathetic
uninspiring performance
coupled with his innate
arrogant and planned
bullying in what can
only loosely be said
was a presidential
debate, which his
advisers were at
a loss truthfully
to simply lie, it
was diversely
from what it
clearly was!

Now this? The Covid-19
excuse and with it too
another cynical pack
of Donald Trump's
pathological, mendacious
lies. So very convenient;
and just in time too to
go for the contrived
dimwits sympathy
vote! Maybe Herr
Trump ought to
follow his own
sick advice by
injecting that
bleach cure
courtesy of
a twisted mind;
then patiently
wait and see
how aptly
it really

(C)Stanley V. Collymore
2 October 2020.

Author's Comments:
Well if Donald Trump flouts with the risk by not taking the precaution of wearing a Mask - because he thinks Covid-19 is a Democratic Party hoax - then he absolutely deserves everything he gets and more; and that includes neither empathy with him nor any sympathy from me.

However, it's my personal belief that after his awful car crash presidential debate this contraction of a supposed virus by Donald - the only virus I can see in all of this is Donald himself - is nothing more than a concerted and mendacious ploy to cynically garner from the multiplicity of braindead dimwits, risibly praying: the concept of genuine Christianity completely lost on all of them,for Trump's fake recovery from Covid-19, only to hoover up their crucial sympathy votes. And most definitely so in the swing States.

Nevertheless, what is most irksome to me and honestly a great pity too, is that Donald's immigrant Scottish mother to the USA didn't take some form of sexual precaution to prevent herself from conceiving him!

Deluke Muwanigwa 02 October 2020

Rub it bro rub it in. Potus is unbelievable

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