Crack Head's Rant Poem by Will Althen

Crack Head's Rant

Seems like now a days
each of us is our own Beelzebub
Who burned the faces of Gregorian monks?
like Hitler burned books
and G-Bush burned memories
about him burning books

Every cranny every nook
God is dead and worse yet
cupid is dead
and know we're eatin' lies
like Chinese boys eat lead
We kissed George's feet
every word that he said
Now we've picked up the gun
and are holding it to his head

Now I don't see politics like white and black
Ever since we had Obama it's been black and white
And now we're brushin' our teeth like Mike Tyson
we're ready for the fight night
Now where ready for our kites to take flight
Drop our bombs on Islam
since 2001 it's been right, right?
Nagasaki is a national portrait
and if it was up to these MacArthur's it would be reprinted
Just crack a textbook if necessary
Ann Frank gets more coverage
than my ancestors plight and mangled fist
But anyway back to present
Where it's worse yet
Race your horses to death
Whitey's placing your bet
Where'd he make all his money?
Nike's made in Tibet
But as this injustice goes on
Carl and Eric can't own their own lawn
But you can get your baby killed
Just come before dawn
Now listen, I ain't for
politics and prejudices that make war
but I'll tell you what I am for
Good people that make it evident
we can all be residents
of the same damn planet
without all this useless rhetoric

Will Althen

Will Althen

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