Not Me Poem by Will Althen

Not Me

Are we living to die
Because I’m dying to live
No people are charitable
Because no one gives
Without taking
And no one lives without faking
And if you can’t write rhymes without baking
Then you just makin corporation bacon
A product, manufactured
As in poser stature
But the martyrs had you
So you thought you were more important than the actual
So go back to your religious factory
Your magic will not work on me
Because I will not be produced
I will not be conformed
You may criticize me and say I need reform
But I won’t be reborn
I won’t be your scorn
I’ve been a problem child once
And that time won’t be restored
So just realize
That there’s only one me
And fortunately
There’s only one you
So I’ve paid my dues
And I can’t deal with you
Trying to define my truths

James Lagoski 21 July 2010

Dear Will- Bravo My Friend! ! ! ! After reading a number of your postings I must say that I was as impressed with most all of them- I stated in an earlier comment about poetry for me needing depth and you followed that suit well! This world needs thinkers because all we have today is followers of trends and shiney lures. May your words actually absorb into a few of the fish- Peace~ James

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