Will Althen Poems

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Animalistic Traits

Even an ant
can manifest destiny
A leech can keep on feeding
until it gets the best of me

Dinner At The Ritz

Hollywood has ate my face
Now I'm in the run of the same old race
Now that Hollywood has ate my face
I wanted a feast after my first taste

Crack Head's Rant

Seems like now a days
each of us is our own Beelzebub
Who burned the faces of Gregorian monks?
like Hitler burned books

My Life, As Grave Stones See It

Just as Ontario's skies are grey
I wake up to begin the day
As solid as the rocks they come
They always seem to turn to crumb

King Of The Dirt Under My Feet

Bent but not broken
I’m the black sheep
A token
Write down the truth


If I were to fall from grace
would my throne persist
if my Godly pulpit gave came from under me
like an executioners stage

Thoughts Of A Lonely Drinker

He let it swish around in his mouth before swallowing it down
The slightest of cringes, as always, adorned his face as his liver drowned

My Shibboleth

A knight of my time
Yet a proponent of crime
Gathered up for slaughter
I long for my homeland

Tesla's Ultimatum

Fatten us up for the slaughter
So we parlay even lower
Then what you wish to see stand
Is that your plan Tesla?

Eye's Open

The world is quite here
If I told you I knew what I’m sayin’ I’d be lying here
People who are greedy and dying to need me wish they could see what I’m writing here
If life needs a bull market, then I’m a bear

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