Crime Don'T Pay Well Poem by George Hunter

Crime Don'T Pay Well

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It must be true, I saw it on TeeVee
A terrible thing for all to see.
A mother put her two-year-old in a shopping cart,
Then rolled that thing into a big WalMart.
The kid thought, 'This sure is a bore.
I'm going to find something to explore.'
He looked in her purse hoping to find some blow,
Instead found a Glock all ready to go.
He took it out and pointed it at Mom's head,
Pulled the trigger and shot her dead.
It was a mistake, a twist of fate,
Didn't mean to do it, now too late.
They cuffed up the kid and read him his rights
And grilled him all night under bright lights.
He wouldn't confess, on that you can bet
The main reason was, he couldn't talk yet.
They provided a free lawyer with the sad result
The D.A. decided to try him as an adult.
'Cause it looked like a hate crime, an attack,
He was almost white and she was black.
People got together and riots were incited
Because the Grand Jury didn't get him indited.
Threw rocks at the police and vandalized some cars
Looted TeeVee's and burned down some bars.
Finally had a jury trial anyway
Because the protesters wouldn't go away.
Found him guilty, God have mercy on his soul
Sentenced him to life without parole.
Would have gotten the death penalty
But Big Sparky was too large and tall
Couldn't do injection as his veins were too small.
A very sad case but we must avenge,
And this crazy society must have its revenge

Blame it on the baby-sitter, the ubiquitous TeeVee
With hours and hours of crime for all to see.
Almost every show has pistols and a gun
Makes it seem like to shoot someone would be a lot of fun.
If you get the chance, the fun gets bigger,
Just pick up the pistol and pull the trigger!

Sunday, July 5, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: crime
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