Aromas Poem by George Hunter


Rating: 5.0

Did you ever think that when you smell something good
Like roasting coffee or cedar wood
Or baking bread or sweet perfume
That actual molecules are floating around the room?

That very fact has got me to thinking
It also applies to things that are stinking.
Like dead dogs and people passing gas
And other things that are very crass.

All giving off a particulate smell
Which I could do without very well.
I hate to think of scents such as those
Going into my lungs and up my nose.

Life is full of that kind of duality
Heaven-Hell, love-hate, kindness-brutality.
It’s just the balance of nature and that’s a fact
To keep everything even along the track.
Best not to think of that stuff, my friend
‘Cause it will all even out in the end.

Cynthia Buhain-baello 05 March 2010

Thought-provoking and honest poem. The sense of smell make humans aware of their surroundings and 'aroma' always connotes a good feeling after encountering a pleasant scent - like that of food.

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Patti Masterman 08 July 2009

And it's a differerent world for dogs, for sure! I enjoyed very much.

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Pandian Angelina 21 June 2009

Let us try to outbalance nature By smelling more like roses! Life is a see-saw of balance Between right and wrong Good or bad evil or not It is the choice we make Which makes people Want to smell us or not! A very lovely poem George I liked the way it went Flowing smoothly. Angel

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Anjali Sinha 14 June 2009

wowwwww the aromas i smelt the fragrance everywhere lovely poem anjali

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