Crippled Soul Poem by reinalie jorolan

Crippled Soul

Rating: 5.0

I sensed she’s no strength to gather
herself away from this gutter

Her brain blames it to the pain
that keeps knocking her out from within

Now the blizzards of life start setting in
While her and troubles crash each other again and again…

Oh sanity, tell her when this is gonna end
How her little world just dances around in vain? ? ?

How did she turn blind and deaf
And fell right on love’s petrifying cliff?

Oh, heavens have mercy to that crippled soul
Send her the sanity before the devil takes it all

Reinalie Jorolan 29 November 2020

Hello Awesome Poets, I no longer have access to this account, so I created another one to let you know.I also want to migrate my early poems to Instagram. Please find and follow me at #my.gypsyheart.poetry. I still write many of my life and love confessions in my recent work. Thank you. cheers Reinalie Jorolan

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Melvina Germain 28 November 2006

This poem is full of pain, very sad indeed. A wonderfully well written poem, excellent.---Melvina---

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Roger Bowman 28 November 2006

its painfully wonderful... Take care Roger

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Vallerie Lobell 29 September 2006

so hard to watch helpless as one self destructs....been there....great poem....Vallerie

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John Kay 29 September 2006

Something grabs me in this poem. I would suggest, if only as an experiment, to shift to the first person and speak to us from her inner experience rather than looking at her. Take care, John Kay

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reinalie jorolan

reinalie jorolan

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