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Help me hold on Lord,
Down on my knees,
Each day I sink lower,
Help me up, please,

Why do I feel the way I do?
What makes this love so fresh and new?
Had I never felt this way before?
Ever dreamed what Fate held in store?

The lack of the pitter patter of my heart, that the mere thought of you brought on,
Now brings on shades of midnight blue, how can my love for you be gone,
Three little words once formed daily on my lips, would now catch in my throat,
It's slipping through my fingertips, I don't know why and I am losing hope,

I do not come close, what's lacrymose?
What's a sonnet or a pentameter,
What's worse I don't know open verse,
I got no right on a poetry site,

I just got up when I heard the water come on,
Been listening to ya'll yacking since dawn,
Jordan wearing his favorite shorts in the tub,
Minnows swimming around in the hub-bub,

Meet me at the park again,
On the sunrising side where we sat when,
My love was blooming, I sat there so unassuming,
The passersby had not a clue, of how I was adoring you,

I noticed the broken flower pot on the front porch this morning,
One of the few gifts from Charley, more to my liking than sentimental,
Cat, dogs or kids, who broke it, I'll never know,
The mixed emotions I felt were hardly incidental,

Shhh, the boys think I'm in the tub,
Here I am again, doing what I love,
If they catch me they gonna fuss,
Momo spend some time with us,

Death can't touch a memory,
Can't chisel it from one's heart,
As far as I am concerned,
You and I never did part,

When the wind whispers 'what might have been',
And brings forth your face from the past,
I can forget thoughts of anything else on my mind,
But the love that I hoped would last,

Do coroners lie when loved ones die?
I'm sure their hearts are in the right places,
Most diffucult job in the world, far as I can see,
Detailing why and wherefore to people they're facing,

Beckon to me once more,
And awaken my drowsy heart,
For it will take some tender urgings,
We're too far and too long apart,

Why must your love be bittersweet?
Warm and wonderful as May,
Then cool and indifferent,
Changing day to day,

I will float away on westward wind,
Leaving all memories behind,
The renewal of a soul rendered fustian,
To a better place and time,

Hiding from memories, that's what I do,
Trying so hard to get over you,
Like flashbacks from nightmares, they hit and run,
I know this misery has only begun,

Who is this one who calls my name?
And always sets my soul aflame,
Who's this one I can't forget?
I've loved since the day we met?

Where can I send this broken heart?
It pains me so in my chest,
It has been so torn apart,
How does it yet beat weakly against my breast?

Australia Zoo must be reeling,
I myself overcome with feeling,
You were so fearless and brave,
All the animals you would save,

here i am again...trying to hold back tears,
was busy all day and not thinking,
but now at day's end my head is hung,
it goes down as the sun is sinking,

The cool wind blew freely making my hair cover my face,
I recalled a line from D. H. Lawrence's 'Lady Chatterley's Lover',
About hiding one's face and baring all other places,
To feel the breeze with my body uncovered,

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A Prayer

Help me hold on Lord,
Down on my knees,
Each day I sink lower,
Help me up, please,

Hear the 'groanings of my heart',
'Read my kidneys ' too,
Can't hold on by myself,
I really need You,

I want to dig a deep hole,
And lay down with the others,
More tired I've never been,
Miss my daughter, son, and mother,

I love those still with me,
But I do them no good,
How can I go on?
Help me if You would?

Don't want to be seen,
So depressed and downhearted,
Try to be the 'industrious' one,
Feel defeated before I have started,

So I come to You now,
In the name of Your son,
Will be withered away,
Before day is done,

So as David once asked,
For a 'new spirit within',
With a 'steadfast heart',
Help me see another day begin,

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Cecelia Warner 27 April 2007

Vallerie, Love your poem, very beautiful. I know how you feel. My mom passed away recently and I feel exactly how your poem sounds. Thanks for sharing sorry for your pain. Sincerly, Cecelia

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Reinalie Jorolan 07 October 2006

Good job girl...i know there's someone out there who knows what it takes to love but knows too what to ask of love and to refill ourselves with it.....keep it it. reinalie

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