My Name (In The Prayer Warrior) Poem by reinalie jorolan

My Name (In The Prayer Warrior)

Rating: 5.0

At first,
a hunter of words
a night owl that's misconstrued
to be someone as 'troubled...'

As I fumbled my way to you,
knocking upon the gates of your very souls,
I caught sight of these wondrous glows,
Within the Hearts of the warriors words...

My cynicism got fossilized and stilled,
By the overflowing love you guys have shared.
Kristin is surely dearly cared- i realized.
But more so, the sweetest and deepest care for her,
unfolds before my eyes...
And before i know,
I love her too and....... all of you.

Doc, Lee and everybody...
a 10 plus plus for your shining hearts
I cheer for you in this loving journey.
let God's glow shine for you everyday.

Now I shall pick up my prayer sandals too...
walk with you,
pray with you,
write with you,
Laugh with you
cry with you,
and do whatever it takes
in the name of LOVE,
Yes, in the name of love.

For YOU, I'll pour out
my praying love here and again,
and by the way, my name is rain.

Roger Bowman 28 November 2006

For YOU, I'll pour out my praying love here and again, and by the way, my name is rain. Love it Rain Roger

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Melvina Germain 28 November 2006

Rain, you have the heart of an angel, what a divine tribute to these wonderful people you mentioned. They truly are blessed by your heartfelt words. God bless you Rain Melvina

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Lee Degnan 24 November 2006

Wow Rain, what a deeply written poem... beautiful write... wonderful addition to the Prayer Warrior legend! ! Hugs to you, Lee :)

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Untitiled and unnamed 24 November 2006

Hey, my friend, Respect for your write, Good to see another 'prayer warrior' putting pen to paper, Good to have you in the family... Lee...

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reinalie jorolan

reinalie jorolan

Ozamiz city, Philippines
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