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Bind me not
to these longings
that slice so deep into
this lowly lowly heart,

Butiki, nagtatanong lang

Paano ba ang makibaka sa buhay
na hindi nahuhulog sa

It is when the water sways
That I think of your 'tributaries'
and the warm cozy walk
during the chiily Sunday

I sensed she’s no strength to gather
herself away from this gutter

Her brain blames it to the pain

…such gifts they are to nature,
Their glows are of the crisp morning rays,
Sweetly caressing this sleep drunken heart.

At first,
a hunter of words
a night owl that's misconstrued
to be someone as 'troubled...'

In my deepest thoughts
where webs of logic can never touch
I'd meet you there...
I'd say...that is my kind of dreamland.

Sonnet for Evelyn (sonnet1)
Unto this space and humble frame
I lay my heart that's kept aflamed...
by fate, by flesh and by blood all the same.

My baffled heart is
Nestled in between your hands.
A scared lone robin
Within your winter's embrace;


I'll write...if only I've words
that will frame you perfectly
within each intellectual turn
- a poetry perhaps of a certain form

Deep….so very deep
A whirlpool of silvery grief
Turning and turning
‘til everything is as if

“My Cup of Tea”

My lips parted
in surreal anticipation

Here she pulled the feathery strings of love
Hoping glory would pour from heavens above
From her little heart

What wings are they
Which took her far from sanity,
and brought her bliss with little hiss?'s the kiss

you can hear it shingling....
almost deafening,
like nothing in life could matter

Three ten…the class is over,
I said…”I did not need an ice cream fix”
For today is another day better,

In the land of my distant childhood
Where dream catcher was kept untold
And violence at home hit the roof
Like hungry bats swooning in the kloof

There must be a way
To hold the speed back,
The wind behind my ears
The wings of my heels

At the back of my head
where things hide their faces without frames
I froze in reverie hoping to find the “it” words
The words which can best construe how I can be lost

In this muted corner of my heart
Fear tells me, good times shall soon depart;
will your 'deep caring' pull me back in
Before i turn to pieces again?

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Born and raised in Ozamiz city Philippines.Currently residing in Alberta, Canada.)

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((((((((Bind Me Not)))))))) .....

Bind me not
to these longings
that slice so deep into
this lowly lowly heart,
Oh please it hurts so much.....

Bind me not
to these wishes that
pray for a love so true
Oh Bind me not...i beg of you

Bind me not
or forever come stay
please come even closer,
for sanity and me.......

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