Crossroad Poem by Dave Dafes


In the middle of nowhere,
Stood I, confused facing here,
A critical confluence of paths,
I must decide,
Decide which path to tread,
Intricately tangled at a crossroad,
Here the past rallies the present,
The future faced them both,
The past led me here to say goodbyes
As I meet with the present,
Who will take me to the future,

Each step I take delimit my destiny,
Can't go back on the road I've trod,
In this sphere of life could only throttle up,
Each tempting step lures me further on,
Down a path, I wish not to tread,
Every step I take a promise kept,
Caught in the middle,
I must choose which path to tread,
But how can I, select between these wily sisters?
How can I decide?
When only Time could tell where the road leads?

Three divergent paths,
The familiar past,
The unpleasant present I despise,
The uncertain morrow,
With none to guide my little feet,
I made my choice
'But man is scared of the unknown' was told,
Though they may be,
None has traveled these paths before,
So we might know where the road leads,

Such is the journey of life,
No two paths are identical
Each man must his own path figure,
Construct his Destiny,
But you can chart your course
Based on the best coordinate you can find,

Am at an altar where trio brides wed,
One approach from the known past,
Another tackles the uncertain morrow,
The third leads to the present,
Though, I see no sunshine ahead,
I chose a different path,
Leading to a different morrow
From the present, the past brought me,
Another tomorrow,
Different from the today
Yesterday led me,
The destination will tell if I got it right,
But then, it might be too late.

Thursday, January 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: confusion,philosophical
Dave Dafes

Dave Dafes

Ughelli, Delta State Nigeria
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