I'Ve Conquered Poem by Dave Dafes

I'Ve Conquered

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</>(This poem was Inspired by the 23rd psalm 'n' the poem Invictus written by William Ernest Henley (1849–1903)

Sore as hell’s depth away from Mercy’s Coast,
The thick clouds of shadows that embraced my Bole.
Through the fierce winds that did me Howl,
I adulate the heavenly Host.
For my undaunted Spirit.

Tore by Situation’s claws Bits by Bit
Tossed by the hurricane of Fate,
My faith falter not nor Quit.
Dealt the violent bout of Bate,
I remain bloodied but unbowed.

Though I sail thru’ Scylla’s Shore
Encompassed by the insidious cohort’s of Fiends
When seduced by life’s slyly Whore
And Squeezed by Treacherous Friends
I shall remain unshaken

It matters not the foe nor the arsenals
I did combat. I am the Architect of my Destiny.
I am the Premier of my Fate when courage leaks ‘n’ defeat gnarls
Though I fail at life’s every scrutiny,
I shall not surrender. The darkest night nor storm beside,
I am the Commander of my Soul.
’Tis not for the Stars nor Chance to will, ‘tis mine to decide
I've conquered

Dr Antony Theodore 06 August 2017

I adulate the heavenly Host. For my undaunted Spirit I remain bloodied but unbowe When seduced by life’s slyly Whore I shall remain unshaken I am the Architect of my Destiny A great poem of determination. Love your decisions and your Desire to achieve and conquer. Thank you very much for this poem dear poet.tony

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Tai Chi Italy 18 December 2010

I could not have written it better DBD! Very pleasing work to read at this time of year, especially. Only we can change our lives for the better, we just have to believe in 'Us'. A racey and masterful piece of work Smiling at you Tai

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Chris Amalu 16 October 2010

a cheerful heart does good and sometime the only way to do that is to vent it all through your pen then feel the freedom.great depth, most be a life experience.

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Minnie Gehrig 09 September 2010

beautiful poem thanks for reminding me...............

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Dave Dafes

Dave Dafes

Ughelli, Delta State Nigeria
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