Crying 'Africa' Poem by konye ori

Crying 'Africa'

Rating: 4.6

Once the color of the night,
graced in starry skies

The full moon left little to wonder
of the morning sunrise
Then we were singing “Africa.”

But lightning flashes struck our clouds
and raging thunders burst open
the sky and let the rains pour.

Now, we are flooded in austerity; we flow
scrambling for support,
tramping over one another for a gasp.

The current of diseases and hunger
washes us away. We slop in the
tides of corruption and as we are washed,
we flounder and we cry “Africa.”

Shivering like sparrows in winter
we are thrown from side to side
like trees, dancing unwillingly to
the music of the wind

Bruised on rocks and stunted tree roots
As we drift helplessly in the flood;
Choking, wailing, crying “Africa.”

Fred Babbin 28 December 2007

Your content is O.K., but you should make the rhythm smoother.

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Ale Georgia 24 September 2020

great poem :) really great. read it for an ap lit paper, and i dont regret doing it.

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Greenwolfe 1962 01 July 2008

This is a piece that reflects well on its title. The writer delivers, in candor, The framework of africa at this moment. One of poetry's responsibilities. Well done, and well worth the read. GW62

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Carolyn Sears 12 January 2008

I do think I will read all your writes so far, your youthful touch just pours over.. Excellent! ! !

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Francis Duggan 30 December 2007

Very good poem you have written here Konye full of youthful passion for your great Continent of Africa you can be one of the future voices of Africa if so you wish to be keep on keeping on

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Linda Ori 30 December 2007

Another boldly descriptive piece of writing, Konye. Your pen drips courage in the face of such grande injustice. Continue to put your words to 'paper' as that is where the healing begins. Linda :)

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