Curious I Explore Poem by malini kadir

malini kadir

malini kadir

Nagapatinam, a coastal port, Tamilnadu, India NOW RESIDING IN TRICHY

Curious I Explore

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My light freight stood at the gate secured;

The gate keeper not too sure; kept his guns ready

Ambling by; I watch as the scene endured

Its late for sure mate; but I am kind of steady.....

The red grounds with dry leaves speak of hope

Making our plight mighty light; all ready! !

The winding path a boulevard of real scope! !

Magic of the filtering sun throngs around buddy!

I visualize you on your feet

Your shorts just short of hypnotic length

Panting up the laneway; a sight almost a treat!

'Lord gives to the relentless desired strength! '

January jonquil fooled by real, but brief warmth,

(a variety of narcissus. Flowers: small, fragrant, yellow. Native to: southern Europe. Latin name: Narcissus jonquilla)

Still; come September longs to soon prevail....

August has gutsy wheezy cometh

Scattering leaves black, brown, yellow, orange to no avail;

Where did your spirits of adventure depart?

Make off, I scoff at you on this leafy carpets in disdain! !

But playing hard to get is sure a discrete art!

February had you fibbing your way through the grounds

March had me marching off in a puff; it's tough!

I know how it sounds;

My voice is sure with emotions gruff!

But thronging memories sedate of late

Inflated ego does tend to irritate

Have you not; casually scribbled my way dear fate!

I turn back on my way out; to re-secure my luggage innate! !


'A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injured life. It is the tear [that results] from the injury of the oyster. The treasure of our being in this world is also produced by an injured life. If we had not been wounded, if we had not been injured, then we will not produce the pearl.'

Stephan Holler

malini kadir

malini kadir

Nagapatinam, a coastal port, Tamilnadu, India NOW RESIDING IN TRICHY
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