Cowboy Poems: 53 / 500

' Cowboy Portrait... ' (Cowboy Poem # 8)

Rating: 2.5

I Drew A Portrait of A Cowboy
With Bronco Jumping to the Sun
The Sunlight, was Both His Halo
And Sunrays, His Blazing Gun …

As He Rode High, Against Blue Sky
And Came Down, to Earth-Dirt-Brown
He Hung Onto That Saddle Horn
And Sat It Like A Crown

A Cowboy Hat, Was Silhouette
With A Studded, Silver-Band
Also, On His Chaps, and Spurs
And Spanish Leather, Gloved Hands

His Jaw, Was Set, in Steel
A Strong, Granite Profile
Of Determination, Skill and Handsomeness
And Hard, Big-Country Style

… and I Love That Portrait of A Cowboy
Getting Bronchoed Up In The Sun
Seeing Sun and Sky, and A Wild Stallion Try
To Buck That Son – Of – A – Gun!

Smoky Hoss 24 February 2015

sounds like that ole broomtail was a sunfishing-son-of-a-gun! I'll just bet he was a strawberry Roan stallion too! ! !

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Ying Escalona 27 October 2009

there something in my heart that galloped while reading this....probably because, i used to be a cowboy...real cowboy....

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 27 October 2009

nice write here! .............

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