D - While The Princes Slept. Poem by Gillian.E. Shaw

D - While The Princes Slept.

Rating: 4.8

While the Princes slept:
An unseen hand.
While a secret kept:
Reached through their dreams.
As cold steel sparked,
eyes wide awake!
While the Princes slept.

While the Princes slept:
A destiny lost.
While a secret kept:
Then to bear a cross.
With a crown of gold
and tragedy told
while the Princes slept.

While the Princes wept:
A nation felt grief.
While the Princes kept:
The lonely vigil.
And a coffin fetched
for an Uncrowned Queen;
while the Princes slept.

For her sons.

A comparison drawn between
the Princes in the Tower and
the sons of The People's Princess.

Ana Monnar 19 August 2007

For a moment I thought you were writing about Princess Diana. Great poem! I gave it a big 10.

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GILLIAN...WHAT SO ELOQUENT A TRIBUTE...CRISP WRITE...SMOOTH FLUX..IF EVER IN FRANCE, I'D LIKE TO SIT IN ON ONE OF YOUR ''LIT'' SESSIONS..FORTUNATE STUDENTS...MUST SPEND ''Tres Temps un le Bibliotheque(?) ..(i think i just provided you w/ some ''Samendi'' folly....Alas, tis no student am I, of the melodious tongue eau Francais) ...FORGET IT...I TRIED... AU REVOIR, for now... '''''''''''''''''''''''''~F. J. R.~'''''''''''''''''''''''''''

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Kathleen Paul-Flanagan 02 July 2005

I don't know the poem/writing that inspired this but I liked it. I liked the reps of while the princes slept...gave me a good picture in my head. I'll have to go find read what inspired you... :)

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Raynette Eitel 20 June 2005

I'll have to go back and read about this one....but I like the way you keep repeating 'While the Princes slept.' I have read this several times and like the way it flows. At first I thought the short lines made it too choppy, but as I re-read it, I decided it was more like a chant. Well done. Raynette

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