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Indeed I still struggle
Swimming upstream with might
Never giving up on what I care for
Because a strong woman, I am

Distinctive wise problem-solver
Resolving harms with expertise
Predicaments, bad dilemmas
Bumpy troubles like cottage cheese

Compassion does not mean pity
Compassion goes a long way
You might be the one offering a kind word or
gesture today

Adult companionship I seek
Desperately to listen and talk
At least at the end of the week
Strolling on the wooden boardwalk

You are as beautiful as you feel
Look at all those faces
Each has its own unique beauty
Every mother cuddles and embraces

What is?
The power of knowledge
Wisdom, information, data

Four Yorkshire Terriers
Tiny, Holly, Charlie, Joy
You gave us many years of happiness
Filled with love, affection and unconditional love

Blue whale, blue whale
How long can you be?
Up to 100 feet long
Bigger than a tree

Silk and ribbons clouding the sky
Coastline and beaches – pure black sand

Do you feel warmth and affection?
Is it love or is it lust
Chemistry and a deep connection
At ease and full of trust

You are so beautiful my ballerina girl
Dancing sweetly since age four
Tiptoe, twirl, swirl
Always dancing in and out the door

Bad hair day! Can you relate to this?
Is it P.M.S., hormones flaring or is it me –
If tempers are blazing, it’s best to stay away
Just give space to the person, who is upset,

Young and full of life
You left one morning thinking you would
come back
A dreadful accident caused by a housewife


Visit a home and see tons of books
There lives an avid reader
A fervent reader resides
Passionate and eager to learn

If I could choose a perfect life
Illnesses there would not be
Physicians would not need a surgical knife
For your liver, heart, brain or your knee

In the middle of a long distance conversation
with my bedroom door closed and locked,
The sound of an alarmed voice from the other
side was asking me to open up


My son’s blue eyes love to see
The deep blue rich color of the shining sea
Aquamarine gemstones cut and polished to
make bracelets and rings

If something new is what you seek
What you seek is what you wanted
Try to find it now or next week
Why wait years and find it haunted

Today I feel so sad
After hearing my niece passed
With your dad, you are in Heaven
No doubt of that is in my mind

Adelaida: A Cuban Cinderella
Written by Ana Monnar

Ana Monnar Biography

Ana Monnar earned a Master of Science Degree in the area of Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Florida International University. Mrs. Monnar has been teaching for 30 years. She’s taught second, third, and fourth grades. She also had the opportunity to work as a Reading Curriculum Specialist and Reading Leader. Ms. Monnar is currently teaching second grade. She has written successful grant proposals and earned the title, “Teacher of the Year” in the 1980’s. The Miami Herald, Neighbors Section, featured Ana Monnar as “Super Teacher” on November 27,2003. Only one teacher a month from both public and private schools earns the prestigious recognition. Ana Monnar has inspired many learners to write award winning literary pieces. Her students have won trophies and certificates for regional and district contests. To this day Ana Monnar is helping adults, as well as young authors achieve their dreams. It is a rewarding gift that will live on through centuries in The Library of Congress, classrooms, public libraries, media centers, and fine bookstores worldwide. Ana Monnar is the founder and president of Readers Are Leaders U.S.A., Inc. established in 2002. Lulu is the Yorkie rescue and family member, featured in Ana Monnar’s registered trademark Readers Are Leaders U.S.A. logo. Please visit and/or

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Because A Strong Woman, I Am

Indeed I still struggle
Swimming upstream with might
Never giving up on what I care for
Because a strong woman, I am

You might use your jagged tongue
To tear me down for what I do
You are so cruel and judgmental
Is it my strength that bothers you?

I wept from your harsh words
That took me by surprise
In front of other guests
Embarrassed I sure was

Instead of wheeling and dealing,
Writing poems and stories, too
You think I should stop it all
Does my independence bother you?

I work full time at school and in my home
Devoting ample time to my kids every day
Cheering at their sports events, celebrations,
Plus, all the pain and glory that presents each day

Glance at the mirror
Take a good look at your soul
If what you see is perfection
Then gently stroke your sharp tongue

I am a strong woman
I will continue to work hard
My accomplishments and failures
Are what make me who I am

If I ever do it differently
It will be because I will change
For God, my children, and me
Not because I am stepped and crushed

I am who I am, not just anyone to fit in
I refuse to fit the mold and take the easy route
Tenacity and endurance is what I hold
Because a strong woman, I am

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Nay Win Tun 15 January 2020

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Charles Garcia 15 August 2007

Your Poem of 'Because a strong woman I am' is great, I found a simular situation in my life, I found Poetry late in my life, and I think I surprised a lot of people as they, all but a few, I feel show envy and resentment of anothers advantage, and the truth is we all have the capacity to write a poem. and is not expecteded from a Grandpa or Grandma. Reading all your poems and enjoying very much, I tried to buy your book at Barnes and Noble, they had no record on your books, I checked out on Amazon an in the process or ordering through them. Your compliments on my poetry is very appreciated, especiall coming from a Teacher, You must not judge me to harshly as I am only 5 years old, thats when I started writting. I would be a great student in your 2nd grade class, (Joke) I am self learned, have a lot to tell as I will be 83 years old comes October 29,2007, Charles Garcia

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