Gillian.E. Shaw Poems

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N - The Apron

My Nanna wore an apron
for all her mornings tasks;
such a pretty shade and floral
and I have kept the last.

A Child.

Bold, brave
and beautiful
strong of limb
bright of eye

We Do Not Feel Her.

And as she turns we do not feel her:
Four seasons pass in several shades;
life, the given spark to ignite the flame.
Time past is spent. Only to be

The River Erdre.

Then run along the riverside
upon a time a French King's pride
viewed vast breadth and gentle ripples;
glitter, glisten, glow and twinkle.

D - While The Princes Slept.

While the Princes slept:
An unseen hand.
While a secret kept:
Reached through their dreams.

A Demon Abducted His Reason!

So charming, one found him amusing:
though, even right from the beginning
he didn't know how to love women
cared nothing for loving and giving


Once there was an observant girl
who passed the eleven plus;
so after all the excitement
and a great amount of fuss;

Dad's Childhood.

Underground, down in the dugout
when during the second world war
a siren wailed a last warning
before the darkest pall... plunging;

Death By Hanging.

Incredulous I.
Neither one appears to fear
yet so certain God is near
times trodden trail to make and mend

N - Survivors Of The Great War.

Soldiers awaiting departure,
a kiss for mum, cherished goodbyes,
a trio of golden haired angels
despite their 'short back and sides'.

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