Dad Poem by Jc. Verro


Dad if only you could see
What you have done to me
Why have you done it all?
Why did you let me fall?
Why won’t you ever return?
It’s a fire that will only burn
Have I lost you forever?
What about what we had together
Why did you love transfer?
From being real to barely there
Why won’t you answer my call?
Why don’t you care at all?
Why don’t you look past you?
Why don’t you even try too?
When I need you your away
Was it I that drove you that way
You turned your back when I cried
I wonder why I tried
The sour tears I have shed
My heart which has bled
The pain which is more then had
Just wanting you to be my dad

You will never know
Just how much I needed you
But you were never there
An it’s not like you care
For all I have been through
When all I want is words from you
I wanted you to be proud of me
But my talent you can’t see
I tried so hard but you turned away
An I tried just a hard the next day
I just don’t know what to do
Maybe I am better off without you

Amy Douglass (Fifita) 30 December 2008

It is sad when things like this happen and yet it happens so often. It's great to know you have tried with your dad though. have a similar situation with my dad, but haven't really tried to create a relationship with him. Who knows maybe it's the best for me not to. anyway all the best for you.

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