Death Poem by Jc. Verro


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Death is forever, so dont flirt with death
Death is painfull, so stay away from knifes
Death is not for lovers, so dont die
Death is not for me, so dont even try
Death is never clear, so be carefull
Death is never fun, so stay away from strangers
Death is never pleasing, so dont get caught up in the hype
Death is never fair, so get use to it
Death is always occuring, so dont forget it
Death is never what u expect, so expect the unexpected
Death is not for you, so please dont give up
Death is forever, so dont forget that

Kayla Klummy 04 August 2008

wow, i am totally IN LOVE with this. it's amazingly well written.

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Beth Whittaker 05 January 2009

sounds like you're talking somebody out of suicide, it flows nicely.

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Emily Core 05 January 2009

death can be painfull and peace full good poem but you got the bad things about death but like i said good poem i love it

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Amy Douglass (Fifita) 30 December 2008

It's a good poem it really is, but i think death can be pleasing for someone who is suicidal, and if you expect the unexpected then isn't it expected that you die unexpectedly. Even so you will never be fully sure of how you will die which is expected, you could have an idea by getting a diagonosis even so you could get run over by a truck. Anyway awesome poem i like it very very much.

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Christina Chamorro 19 November 2008

i like this poem alot i dnt think i will ever forget it thanxx for your poem

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Kookie Monster 02 November 2008

a great poem.. rly is i only have one question.. how do u know so much about death? lool

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