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Hey my name is Joseph Christopher Verro. All my friends call me Jc or Jay. My poetry club friends call me fallenangel. I am a 16 year old high school student. Writing poems is my addiction i am all ways writing a little something no matter what i am doing.
I also write songs (sorry cant put any of those on here if u want to hear some tell me and i ...

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Death is forever, so dont flirt with death
Death is painfull, so stay away from knifes
Death is not for lovers, so dont die
Death is not for me, so dont even try
Death is never clear, so be carefull
Death is never fun, so stay away from strangers
Death is never pleasing, so dont get caught up in the hype
Death is never fair, so get use to it
Death is always occuring, so dont forget it
Death is never what u expect, so expect the unexpected
Death is not for you, so please dont give up
Death is forever, so dont forget that

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Jc. Verro Popularity

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