Jc. Verro Poems

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Death is forever, so dont flirt with death
Death is painfull, so stay away from knifes
Death is not for lovers, so dont die
Death is not for me, so dont even try

Fallen Angel

I have fallen from the sky above
Fallen to the ground
I am the Angel of Sadness
Angel of Lost Hopes

Why Boys Fall In Love With Girls

1. Girl's always smell good even if it is just shampoo

2. The way their head always finds the right spot on our shoulders


as i lay their
tears rolling down my face
they just stand there 'pointing and laughing
calling me a freak

A Recipe For Suicide

take lies fear and a pinch of regret
and also a little confusion and mistake
put sickness and worry
and a full cup of bertayal

Never Cease

Hiding me... casting me away,
Forbidding me to speak.... Felling astray,
Tears fill my eyes as i tried,
To see that you havent cried.


The sharp edge of the razor cuts my skin easily,
I'm numb to the pain,
Numb to the blood,
Too numb to relize whats happening,

Helping Hand

The pain i feel from day to day,
Happens when you push me away,
Sadness fills my soul and heart,
Hopeing that we shall never part.

Suicide Angel

i have died at my own hands
at my own worth
i get ti heaven and see all the angels
and the lord

Forgotten Part 1

the past is only the waiting to be forgotten
the forgotten is the fun that was had
the pain and memory cant leave your thoughts
your joy and spirit is not the only thing forgotten

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