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Daddy, Is This Love?

Rating: 5.0

hes dying to come inside
and take every part of me
my heart, my body, my mind
but ive locked the door
hidden deep under blankets of security
and he keeps knocking
telling me to let him in
for what, a kiss goodnight?
in places a dad should never go
inside, he's inside, inside my room

inside of me, down go the covers
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Wow, another great write, a catching title, think i knew what it was gonna be about, flows well, a horrible topic to write about, but i have wrote this subject to! ! Keep writing, lee x

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Raveendran . 22 May 2007

This beautiful 'free' verse makes me sad.The experience you tell is brutal, there is something deeply wrong which needs to be addressed.

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Melvina Germain 15 May 2007

I'm crying right along with you Lorena, I believe we have met a day or so ago, I remember now, the pain is coming back. I truly wish you could have been saved and not had to go through such a horrific experience again and again. You must seek help to rid yourself of this pain. Excellent write, shows a great deal of courage.---Melvina---

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