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Each dropp of rain
Longs to reach the core

Each mountain spring

Ray ray ray ray ray ray
T- ray t –ray t- ray t- ray
Tray- tray tray- tray tray- tray
T- rain t- rain t- rain t- rain

Nuke-b on the world’s neck
Holy hedonist yawns
Weeping ice caps, a hot topic

Through the lenses I saw
A white clad mountain
And a lonely yak.

Me, very fishy, unable to understand water
Move about in search of an answer

Friend! O, fighter!
Immaculate liberator!

Dignified soldier!

About a sharp and lonely moon
Among the sea of stars and clouds
A smileless sigh, a doleful look
Alone, alack! a wail anon.

Honey bun,
Cold blooded sweetheart,
The time I spent admiring you
Was a casualty unproductive.

There is whistling
There is drumming
Who is humming in between?

The flying squirrel
Leaps down the leaves
When the moon the peeps
Through the woods

It isn’t true to say that
The joke of hiding one’s life
In the cover of a Sugar cane
Didn’t surprise me.

My frame stretched forward,
I sit to ponder over what day and night means.
The cool night's darkness didn't worry me.
A fur coat was just the thing I needed.

Walking along the linear curve
He came to a rolling stop
And let out a silent scream.


The sun flows through wedge
Among trees on the hill top.
The giant glow- worm.

When an elephant is at the peak of inspiration
A simple ant bite sends him home ward
Then he becomes the real he
Challenges those who have enslaved him and his

Winter burns,
Hot spring churns,
Eyes twinkle, cold and bright.
Robins around red fire light

Bhishma rests

On his wisdom

When he was alive
I wasn’t aware of that he less he
Acting within him.
I judged him as he that was visible

The Best Poem Of Raveendran N.V.

! Soul

Each dropp of rain
Longs to reach the core

Each mountain spring
Each river
Yearns to reach the nest

What is their end?
Who is it that attracts them?

The ocean has a womb
Where awaits the core, the nest
The soul of the drop.

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Subbaraman N V 20 September 2007

A good poet; touches the various dimensions of the humanity. May God bless him.

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