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there's this girl
with evil red eyes
and dark brown hair
i keep seeing her in my head

flutter, flutter
by my ear
whisper secrets you hold so dear
'he is waiting, by the blue,

forgive me my love
for the tears
you will shed
for the pain i will cause

hes dying to come inside
and take every part of me
my heart, my body, my mind
but ive locked the door

you have scarred me

with this truth

give me a man
to spread the blood my love shed

clasp your hands
together, with hope to never have to let go.
the stars are a blanket of promises
and the moon, lost in a wonderful dream.

you are this monster
that haunts my dreams
but you are lying in my bed
i can feel you grasp my neck

hush little baby
don't say a word
daddy's going to
kill you with his sword


I loved you, as no other could ever
I promised you I would
And it was forever.

im all out of options
can't stand this pain
so i stand here,
embracing the rain

'Disgrace, '
said your name
and echoed the sound of pain
and i never

slowly beating
gasping for air
you've blown me away
and you're not even there

one day she would fly
this she knew
she would have to stray far from belief
and farther from you

love can't be found
in the dirt or in the ground
in the purple and in the blue

sometimes i forget where i am
and where i was going
because the thought of you never goes away
and i only know to find you

In between

the white lines


there is a blur
that within it lies
a vision of eternity

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The Evil Within Me (Bulimia)

there's this girl
with evil red eyes
and dark brown hair
i keep seeing her in my head
and as i rasied my head
from the toilet
i looked in the mirror
and my eyes were red
just like hers
has the demon within me
been haunting me?

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Melissa Hurst 10 January 2008

I'm trying to figure out how to add you as a friend on here! (lol) Maybe you can help me.

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