Dancing In The Air Poem by Morhardt Carmen Mencita Monoi Angel

Dancing In The Air

Rating: 5.0

Dancing in the air

dancing in the air
as light as a halo
little rythmic blows
feets tapping in rows

dancing in the air
No hurry to go anywhere
easy and fair over there
shiny dots on auburn hair

dancing in the air
hands clap rounds
music and laughter
the sunny sounds

dancing in the air
watch neatly creatures
whispering songs
til another day is gone

dancing in the air
Like a joyful breeze
Falling into waves
As deeply as caves

dancing in the air
Must be in a fairy tale
busy hoping like a bee
Feeling wonderfully free

dancing in the air
Ivory and melody
Holding hands
And playing bands

dancing in the air
Forget all you are
Chase infernal breeds
Keep the golden seeds

dancing in the air
happy spell today
tomorrow who knows
the ballet of life
might become sorrow
so tell you with care
Keep on dancing in the air

Marieta Maglas 20 August 2009

nice double simile: ''dancing in the air Like a joyful breeze Falling into waves As deeply as caves'' wonderful poem................10

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Manonton Dalan 07 September 2008

hmmmm... beautiful rhyme ceta. a picture perfect description. i could imagine. maraming salamat po. sige magsulat ka ng magsulat.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 13 August 2008

...a fine composition indeed......10

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~ Jon London ~ 08 May 2008

Beautiful poem, lots of lovely crispy visuals in this fine write, Full of colour and smooth texture. Great work! ! best wishes Jon.

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