Dark Poem by rinki nandy


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Dark she looked in the pursuit of light,
someone told her she ain't worth a fight.
Crazy she appeared in the shadow of the unknown,
restless is her mind in the company of the fearful,
ugly she seemed as per their eyes of beauty,
unworthy is her fate as decided by the lesser Gods,
“denial should be alloted” said the people called odds.
Hopes and dreams should be ceased,
must not behave like a lioness unleashed,
try not to attain any success ever reached,
for fortune must get her skin bleached.
Sad they were to watch her leave,
in no case should she feel apart from grieve.
Not their fault but fate,
prayers should be answered but late.
Their skin color is to blame,
nothing they should ever claim.
Victory is not a tree they can climb,
white and only fair is the sublime,
equality a thought can a soul remind?
Dark defeating fair is not fine,
lesser Gods trade into the Rhine,
their and only there is the shrine,
putting them down is not a crime,
neither do i need to rhyme,
this color.....is not mine.
It's a journey people embark,
so dark the color which calls them 'dark'.

note: this is about people who are called 'dark' because of their skin color, also, talks about how another race ignores and ill-treats them.

7he N0153 4nd 7he Fur9 16 January 2010

I don't think you need an explaination at the bottom Rinki, The poem is great and explains itself fully, it's unfortunate that caste systems persecutes it's own people. In great britain status goes by who your family is or how much money you have, only the rich dare not persecute the working class. Great poem about civil rights.....10+++

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 09 July 2010

‘Dark-Women’ especially in India have ‘low wedding quotient’ …a nightmare to parents…in vogue…contrary black man they’ve ‘high wedding quotient’…and This is I must say is open as by Aussies and as Candy-Tongued-Refusal-Denial in many white skinned country…look into history of US where blacks got voting franchise in 1965 [A black civil rights leader recently told an assembly at Michigan State University that American democracy was only decades old rather than centuries – that not until the 1965 Voting Rights Act when blacks could vote did democracy truly begin.] I’d say fie and shame… Still a but here in tropics many gals come to tan their skin for oomphy appeal…lolol…… thanks for sharing … Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10 PS Like a caricature to me in world soccer in SA slogan...'Say No To Racism' Why racist countries [confirmed] are not banned in the tournament my strong question is? ? ? n

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So well written. A true issue of heart! In this instance, I am colour blind! Love D

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Allemagne Roßmann 27 January 2010

Crime, rhyme, chyme, enzyme, ..........enjoyed a good time reading it.10.

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 16 January 2010

Crazy she appeared in the shadow of the unknown, restless is her mind in the company of the fearful, ugly she seemed as per their eyes of beauty, ....canany one ell where the beauty lies..in eyes or in the heart....... it is lovely poemwith purpose....10 read mine beauty... beautiful life

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Debasish Mishra 16 January 2010

This poem, beneath its surface, deliniates the dichotomy of darkness- one in colour & the other in attitude. One is natural, the other nasty...!

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