A Face Poem by rinki nandy

A Face

Rating: 5.0

A face so innocent i have never seen,
see a wait in them, with eyes so keen,
lips forming a curve with no sheen,
shows a world, i have never been.
Life played a game with you, you don't know,
a smile to this world which you don't owe.
Hoping nothing and looking dazed,
don't know why their eyebrows, they raised!
what caused the sorrow which can't be erased?
Is there a reason that you are still living? ,
can tell from those eyes,
won't take much to get you forgiving.
You are at ease and you have made peace,
nothing matters as long as you believe,
only isolation can let you relieve,
the negativity caused from grieve.
I couldn't help but analyze,
only that face made me realize,
that there is escape in disguise.

note: it's about a face i saw and felt this way.

Stephanie McKean 23 January 2010

Wow, You leave me speechless with your poems. 10+++

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 24 January 2010

the negativity caused from grieve. I couldn't help but analyze, only that face made me realize, that there is escape in disguise...........................so nice piece of poetry dear....m so impressed with your presentation...10 read mine......two brown eyes......marry to marry

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Cheryl Griffith 24 January 2010

Nice one, full of emotions, it really draws you in. Made me reflect on the pain I felt when my parents died and i had to disguise and hide it from everyone. It really speaks of life. Very moving. Read Skin and tell me what you think

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Debasish Mishra 25 January 2010

The FACE finely reflects profound thought...

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Antonio Liao 27 January 2010

oh! you have brings us to floats in the horizon of the face... silent makes us strong....very exciting to ponder...God bless 10+

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Anil Kumar Panda 14 July 2011

nice poem.elaborate and descriptive it makes nice reading.

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David Beckham 12 August 2010

such strong and gripping poem, I'll have to look at every face i see in the morning now and make sure i get this inspiration too. lol...thanks for sharing

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Beautiful Poem..Brilliant Poetic lines...very well described.. loved it....

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A wonderful poem! Loved your poetic description here. Enjoyed the read; D

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Soooooooooooo exquisite info on face but with raised eyebrows… ‘Only isolation can let you relieve, ‘ O Dear Poet just add a Mona Lisa’s smile please… 10+. Ms. Nivedita UK

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