Dark Ruler: 3-3 Misconception Poem by William King Jr.

Dark Ruler: 3-3 Misconception

I tread lightly down the guided path
The image of her still burns within my mind
Her soul lost, cold and tortured
Forever in immortal pain
I felt she did not belong here
But yet, I feel the opposite about me
The hurt, the pain, the moments of pain
That has always played in my head keep me sain
For lo, just ahead, I see where He lives
I still hear her cries; her hurt kills my soul
I try to venture forward, she calls my name.
I turn back in awe remembering her fate
Frozen, she was stuck in place
My heart takes no more and I go running to her
To check if she is still intact
My sword drags the ground once again
My feelings keep me from reacting violently
My heart beats heavily, I breathe more and more
The atmosphere is finally taking its toll on my body
Heat waves rise and blur my vision
Stopping me from deciphering truth from false
Mirages dance all around me
Feelings of losing the battle before I start the war
Dread through my mind as mirages slowly dance
They encircle my body as I fall to my knees
Gasping for air which is now my poison
Tears streaming down my face, evaporating
I try to cough and open my airways
For the evils of time and the power of hate have them obstructed
My body, now limp, falls to the ground
As the demon mirages show their true faces
They hid their faces with pleasures unimaginable
Lurking around, hungrily staring into my soul
Like vultures, they circle me still, warriors of death
Too many to fight, too weak to move, I lie in agonizing pain
They begin to inch toward me, ready to strike
A helpless victim, cowards of shadows
Had I the power to fight, the fiends would never show
But lying defenselessly here, their true intentions grow:
This is to devour my willful soul
They attack me and begin digging into my body
Hurrying to eat the remains of a broken spirit
My demise ultimately being my strongest asset
My heart
For as they were ripping away at my flesh
I felt a familiar presence approach me
Familiar, yet distant, but there all the same
The demon mirages all began to scatter
Their fears getting the best of them
All the demons left me, all but one
One determined to finish what it started
And devour my soul today, not tomorrow
Suddenly, the demon cried out in pain
A cry I may never forget
And was lifted into the sky
Then its body fell before mine
Lifeless, now only a shell of its former self
My strength slowly came back to me
And I looked up to see what gave me their pity
The maiden in white stood before me
And in her hand, the Dagger of Old
She drops the dagger in front of my face
And walks away, slowly fading into the horizon
Why she spared and gave me this gift
Taking the life of another minion's I will never know
I sit up and begin my recover
I am closer now than ever before

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