When The Cornerstones Of Life Start To Break Down Poem by William King Jr.

When The Cornerstones Of Life Start To Break Down

When cornerstones of life start to break down
And the sanity of man begins to fail
When the impurities of the heart begin to show
And the calamity of what we have done sets the love to sail
The true nature of humanity shows its face.

After the sun has forever set
And the darkness soon consumes the world
The feelings of remorse and regret
Sink into the life of those unforetold
And grasps the soul with sullen hands
Of ignorance and regret
Love escapes from the body.

When love becomes ignorant and all tend to fall
With the balance of like and love falling short of the other
And confusion rising awry of all situations
No other love is felt like the love of a mother
Even those who pledge forever with the other
Falling short of the promise that they bestowed

When feelings are demolished and hearts eaten
By the darkness dwelling within humans
And joy is no longer felt anymore
The actions of others are mundane
Happiness and life seeps from the pores
And brings one closer to devastation.

When all the senses begin to fail
And sight is no more than scent or touch
The purpose of having another around
Is meaningless for there is nothing to clutch
The life of the remnants soon too shall be forgotten

When questions arise of life long gone
The emotions felt from long ago
Some may answer honest with whole heart
While others simply reply, 'no.'
Thoughts of long ago bring back the memories
Of forgotten feelings from long ago

When the world may cease to be
And life forever is no longer felt
She will carry the scars
Of all the love we have dealt

And when life breathes again, anew and free
With the challenge of yet finding love
Remember the reason that you are here
For without it, you have lost your dove.

William King Jr.

William King Jr.

Cleveland, OH
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