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All of the writings previously posted are quite outdated, and were written when I was 16. Please excuse the grammatical, and somewhat adolescent nature of the pieces. Try not to judge me to harshly. I've contemplated their deletion, but I've decided, they're part of the person, I used to be. They're the past, and I've grown from that. I might jot d ...

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The Stylized representation,
of this hallow muscular organ,
Perplexes minds upon the brink of insanity,
The reflected image of a shape

A Distant Love

I'm the angel sent to protect you.
Watching your life through closed eyes,
I watch and observe.
Such a delicate creature of beauty,

The Crimson Prince

The Crimson Prince, better than that of charming,
seducing women, without even trying,
Why do they love me, when I am so unlovable?
can they see crimson pain, beaded upon my blade?

A Kiss Of Death.

Death kisses me, Sucking the oxygen from my lungs,
A kiss so deadly, It can only be felt once,
A kiss of death so seductive, You'll never come back,
You get a taste of what can be, you get a taste of what you lack,

Whisper's Of The Heart

When Love I bestow, it shall be upon thee,
My love like my life are yours, can't you see?
Your love more valuable than anything to me,
Your beautiful smile,

Crimson Love Comments

Ahmed Khaled 22 October 2011

crimson love great humanity, great heart, great love, great colour, great painter, great poet, and great human being. thank you, crimson love......

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Quinn Craine 15 October 2011

Amazing! I love your work its so full of raw emotion and its so depp I love it! <3

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John Hancock 04 November 2011

wow what beautiful poems you have written filled with heart felt words and passion well done Crimson

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Harindhar Reddy 06 November 2011

I congratulate with loud cheers on her completing 250 poems at the tender age of 6 and ten! With age on her side - she is cute damsel but with poetry on her side - she is stalwart. Holy moly! Holy-dooly! Crimson Love is awe-inspiring poetess. There is also a friend in her - a time tested one. Further she is an amber, blue-moon stone, a Kohinoor diamond, a ruby, a pearl............ Oh, Harry and Larry! Oh, Gary and Mary! Tom and Jerry read the poems this JUNIOR EMILY DICKINSON!

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Ade Sogo 09 September 2011

i love your inspiration habit just keep it up baby girl cos, i love your poem so much, because it make me remember my past life, pls do me a favour and send me daily inspirational awesome poem to my email thanks.I LOVE YOU.

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kishk 27 March 2018

love is like a red heart between two peoples, but when the red heart became black that means the heart is breaking in two parts.One for the male and one for the female that was in love.

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Christina Hodges 05 January 2012

she is nice and she is a good friend

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Bella Hernandez 18 November 2011

Inspired by Crimson Love Crimson Love... My Dearest Most specail poetess New freind I personally Thank You for your most loveing words Recently Inspired by you and no one else could truely do Crimson Love.... Dearest poetess friend i would like to thank you for this new desire that you brought forth with more fire Fire now aflame more and all is from you and your poems that i adore For many days that i will spend i will always write poems to the end from now and always to then Crimson Love Was truely inspired by you but theres nothing i can do To repay you back but through these words of rhyme until the day that i die Wrote what i felt for this perfect poetess and yet still feels like theres more to say! Feeling like only her and i know whats in these lines itself are meant. But still something in my soul says theres much more... just cant name it yet ^.^

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Bella Hernandez 18 November 2011

Most treasured poetess that could ever live! Must keep her poems alive and to speak to millions! Greatess poet that i have ever seen and read from Writes her treasured poems from her heart and from own experiences that others could relate to ~Bella

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