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Ebi Robert, (aka: The Lord of Ink) was born February 6,1990. He hails from Egweama (paternal) and Obiata in Nembe (maternal) , in Bayelsa state of Nigeria. He is a playwright, poet, essayist and advocate. He writes both legal and literal articles. He has written many poems too, some of which have been published in both national and international anthologies and magazines.

Ebi Robert Poems

A Love Mathematics

Before me is a sum
and the mathematics is on my shoulder.
Minus, minus, plus, minus, minus, plus
is the formulae.


Mountain of Greece.
Fountain of food where the gods feeds.
And climbing so tough as peace.

The Girl From Istanbul

She's from Istanbul.
She a goddess of a god.
She holds her little god
when the rain runs.

African Kitchen

Paddle runs to the waterfront
and Water returns to the paddle.
But strength loosed, strengthened on.
crays, shells, shells, crays.

Christmas Is Sin

I do not say Christmas is sin
when it is no sin.
But I say Christmas is sin
because it is sin and no sin.

Ebi Robert Quotes

05 December 2014

The greatest riches for everyman is wisdom, thus when God refuses to send down manna, it is because he asks: 'my wisdom is thine, wilt thou use it? '

05 December 2014

To what Solomon saw and said, they are declared of all that is earth. To all I see and say, it is a repeat of Solomon's declared.

05 December 2014

Every true christain is a creator.

11 August 2015

The Future is not found in a dream. It is right within your reach.

13 January 2017

Never mock a man in his anger.

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 10 May 2012

You have everything going for you. Somebody said: everything happens for a reason. You are smart and have the right push to face the world, and you are nice to others, because kindness is very important. Yes I am for the youth, because the youth is the Future. The old ones are (most of them) are set on their own way and do not believe, even if God would come to them personally. The youth is the one who will build or ruin this world. However, that will be necessary also, as in the past we can see that one generation was building, the other took it down. However, who will learn the secret of the Spirit, they will be untouched from any problems forever. That is what I am teaching. Wishing you the best, and you will have it, you deserve it.

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Koena Mokoena 19 November 2011

Hey yo! i believe everything happens for a reason, because i have obtained my personal attributes. This means you should take your time & select your favourate things. Your correspondence will be highly appreciated. Have a nice day! Mr. Koena France Mokoena

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