Isaac 'slimx'

Dead Man's Shoe - Poem by Isaac 'slimx'


I’m back again,

still holding unto the same old story line,

shouting like the ancient prophets,

that I put my house in order,

for the time is short,

and the days of reckoning are at hand,

still am not listening,

for we are in the days of rebellion,

like a scattered battalion,

with no direction,

chasing after the dead man’s shoe,

that may not fit at last.

I cannot love a sister,

because my mind is filled with lust,

tainted by pornography,

leading to emotional and mental masturbations,

I’m in the midst of street violence,

compounded by spiritual lies,

in complete denial of my weaknesses,

hiding from life’s realities,

living in deceit of vanities,

thinking it’s all about me and I,

feeling the weight of the universe,

yet cannot carry my own self,

believing the world owes me a duty,

waiting for the dead man’s shoe

that may not fit at last.

Give me no seven virgins

for one is enough trouble

I am sinking because I’m standing on bubbles

stumbling with the bottles

can’t even afford a stable,

no table to pen my miseries,

now I’m freezing in the winter of laziness,

so I can double my creditors,

double my borrowing to please my foolishness,

I am wobbling and fumbling,

on the path of self destruction,

seeking the dead man’s shoe

that wouldn’t fit at last

We have more education,

but less wisdom,

for common sense isn’t common anymore,

more bodies than body bags,

for dogs rule our streets,

more buddies than friends,

for this war is all about self gratification,

increased inmates and fewer interns

for we are more determined to get behind bars,

if that’s what it takes to get the most toys,

you’re more likely to be manipulated

in the sanctuary than in the mortuary,

for our priests are worse than vampires,

getting fatter while the sheep starve,

meanwhile, we are rejoicing

in the illusion of getting the dead man’s shoe,

that may not fit at last.

Isaac Slimx
(c) Jan 2010

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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