Death Poem by Brandi Young


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Death is forever
So don't flirt with suicide

Death is painful
Stay away from knives

Death is not for lovers
So don't lie

Death is not for me
So don't even try

Death is clever
So be careful

Death is never fun
Stay away from strangers

Death is never pleasing
So don't get caught up in the hype

Death is never fair
So get use to it

Death is always occurring
So don't ignore it

Death is never what you expected
Sorry but it has to happen

Death is not for you
Please don't give up

Death is forever
Don't forget it


Edward Mainard 27 December 2007

this poem is true on so many levels and should be heeded as a warning for those who wish death upon themselves and others. Brandi good work!

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Olivia Fuller 24 January 2007

wow...i cut my self but after reading this it makes me wonder..

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Brian Holmes 18 January 2008

Brilliant! This poem expertly describes death. Brandi, it reminds me of my best friend who had a fatal accident with a gun and is no longer with us. Beutiful work! It brought the tears back again. Keep on writing for you posses a great talent.

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this poem has helped me to stop wat i do or now did i am still emo but with out suicidal intent u have perfect talent have u read this depression by me? u should really read it talk soon

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Mel Maguire 29 March 2008

Its a very touching poem.

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Mahtab Bangalee 01 July 2019

Death conclusion learning chapter of life.....///

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Together Forever 09 April 2009

Hello Brandi, I have read most of your poems and they are all so well written. I myself, love poetry. This one gets right to the point, well said. I love the way you wrote it. It just says so much. Keep up the good work. More poems please. Thank you, Leslie. =P

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Rakesh Radhakrishnan 16 July 2008

Hi Brandi Young, I am a new member.I read your death poem.Its very interesting and beautiful. I impressed in your poem 'Death is forever.........'. Welldone! I expect these kind of good poems from your end. Thanks by Rakesh

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Cody Charette 21 April 2008

i tried to commit suicide in tenth grade. it was a rea bad expirience. love the poem and it means alot to me and most likely any other person whos been there. thx

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ivory Harris 17 April 2008

when I was in the 7th grade i wanted to kill myself.I had a friend help me out. You are doing a good thing with this poem.

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