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I'm short, blond, and the greatest fucking poet ever...(not really although i would like to be!) . I was born in New Jersey, and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Words come to me and i write them down. I'm a lesbian if you couldn't tell by my poems. Well that's all you going to get to know about me for now. If you would like to know more send me a message.

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Brittani Hibbitts 21 May 2007

Wow! ! That is really touching...that really hit me. That poem really hit me...

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Jordan 110720 23 February 2006

Yes i beilieve this is true because girls always get mad at you for no reason at all i feel the same way

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The Best Poem Of Brandi Young


Death is forever
So don't flirt with suicide

Death is painful
Stay away from knives

Death is not for lovers
So don't lie

Death is not for me
So don't even try

Death is clever
So be careful

Death is never fun
Stay away from strangers

Death is never pleasing
So don't get caught up in the hype

Death is never fair
So get use to it

Death is always occurring
So don't ignore it

Death is never what you expected
Sorry but it has to happen

Death is not for you
Please don't give up

Death is forever
Don't forget it


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Brandi Young Popularity

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