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Death is forever
So don't flirt with suicide

Death is painful

A true friend is always there for you
A true friend will help you no matter ther problem
A true friend is like a sister, she knows your better, than you know yourself
A true friend is someone who knows when you're sad, ans can cheer you up when you need it most

She kisses my bloody wrist
She wipes the tears from my eyes

She whispers It'll be fine, my love

Love is gentle
Love is hurtful
Love is sweet
Love is obscene

It pains me to see you this way
To see you so sad and suicidal
If i could only kiss you
and make your problems fade away


I burn into ashes from your hurtful words
Everything you said blinded me
I have to burn myself to numb the pain
Bursting into flames

My friend and I have a special sort of relationship.
Everyday between 1pm and 7 he comes to play with me.

I'm sorry I have hurt you
I didn't mean it

Im sorry if i have been a bitch


Sorry if I don't tell you I'm okay,
Sory I can't lie to you,
So you'll feel getter.
Sorry if I can't feel,

Can't wait until you come back
Can't wait to see you
You're all I've been thinking about
Can't get you out of my head

I'm lying in this grave that I have dug for myself
He says I hold the key to my future...
but really what is my future

I have given you my heart so please don’t break it.
I have given you my soul so please don’t wound it.
I have given you my mind so please don’t confuse it.
I have given you my body so please don’t abuse it.

Marriage comes when two people love each other unconditional,
And want to become one.
Some people say marriage is only between a man and a women,
That's not true.


Last night my heart was broken,
but now it's just bruised.
I couldn't believe that what I was hearing was true.
I never that things would have gone like that.


Your love transfixes me
It takes me to a place of love and peace

Where it is only you and me

**This poem is not about just came out of my head**

Why did they rip your heart out, mommy?
Why did they hate you so much?


Let me tell you things haven't been the same
Since you left me
That one rainy day

Lying in bed
Pained by not knowing
Body aching
Head spinning

Load a gun with your dreams,
Fire them if you dare.
Just hope that you don't catch a little shrapnel.
This world will tear you apart if you let it.

I might be dirty, but atleast i'm loved
I might be made of rags, but atleast I'm wanted
I might be an old doll, but i'll never leave you
Cause your my only friend

Brandi Young Biography

I'm short, blond, and the greatest fucking poet ever...(not really although i would like to be!) . I was born in New Jersey, and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Words come to me and i write them down. I'm a lesbian if you couldn't tell by my poems. Well that's all you going to get to know about me for now. If you would like to know more send me a message.)

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Death is forever
So don't flirt with suicide

Death is painful
Stay away from knives

Death is not for lovers
So don't lie

Death is not for me
So don't even try

Death is clever
So be careful

Death is never fun
Stay away from strangers

Death is never pleasing
So don't get caught up in the hype

Death is never fair
So get use to it

Death is always occurring
So don't ignore it

Death is never what you expected
Sorry but it has to happen

Death is not for you
Please don't give up

Death is forever
Don't forget it


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Brittani Hibbitts 21 May 2007

Wow! ! That is really touching...that really hit me. That poem really hit me...

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Jordan 110720 23 February 2006

Yes i beilieve this is true because girls always get mad at you for no reason at all i feel the same way

3 5 Reply

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