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Come thou, thou last one, whom I recognize,
unbearable pain throughout this body's fabric:
as I in my spirit burned, see, I now burn in thee:
the wood that long resisted the advancing flames
which thou kept flaring, I now am nourishinig
and burn in thee.

My gentle and mild being through thy ruthless fury
has turned into a raging hell that is not from here.
Quite pure, quite free of future planning, I mounted

the tangled funeral pyre built for my suffering,
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Thabani Khumalo 16 June 2015

I have a vision to write like this, only if god would bless me enough to.d

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Rod Mendieta 31 December 2016

Don't give up your vision, Thabani. I think one starts by cherishing beautiful poems like this one. Lock it inside your heart and mind, revisit its lines every now and then, and it will inspire you.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 16 November 2016

mounted the tangled funeral pyre built for suffering A bold conceptualization that is realistic too. Thanks for sharing it here.

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Leela chatterjee 12 July 2018

He is burning inside and no one knows how much he is suffering. Only Rilke can write like this.

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jqc1706 11 April 2018

why did you write this

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Hey, thats pretty good 20 February 2018

Dis poem is the meaning of life. Thank you wizard.

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A.RANDOM.CAT 03 February 2018

You spelled nourishing wrong. LOL

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Ratnakar Mandlik 16 November 2016

Awesome and very bold write. Thanks for sharing it here.

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