Death Is.... Poem by Rebekah Joh

Death Is....

Rating: 3.5

Death is when your loved ones must depart
Death is a sharp pain to the heart

Death is a feeling of permanent sadness and pain
Death is when your loved ones have forever gone away

Death is a call to heaven or hell
Death is an eternal mansion or cell

Death is a lesson to learn about
Death is a loss, without a doubt

Death is an unhappy feeling to have
Death is unpleasant on anyone's behalf

Death is something we all will go through
Death is a storm waiting to brew

Death is a lingering crow always overhead
Death is a soul, done being fed

Copyright © Rebekah Johnson (Age 12)

Death Is....
Sunday, May 4, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: death
Karol Valencia 18 November 2008

This poem was really really good. I enjoyed it a lot. I know what it feels like to lose a person and your poem really tell how it feels. Good Job!

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Tissa Calvert 20 November 2008

very very meaningful keep it up.

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Mark Jos'e 20 November 2008

really death is a permanent feeling of sadness you have to live with it, nice keep it up.

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Lauren Soley 27 November 2008

i think tht this poem is really emotional gd for u rebekah u are going to go somewhere

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Albert Fernandez 12 November 2008

i agree this is a really GREAT and i mean GREAT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Bantu Ngcephe 30 June 2009

What a deep emotion out of this poem..i love it!

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Alyssa Drum 06 March 2009

I relly know what your saying beck

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Raymichelle Springer 10 February 2009

Great poem Rebekah! ! !

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*Trusting You* 16 December 2008

Death is a lingering crow always overhead Death is a soul, done being fed those are Fantastic lines. this is written very well. good job. Becca

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Andile Panda 10 December 2008

hey man i love ur work

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