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A walk alone in the dark with you
reveled things that i knew were true
A walk alone in the park with you
exploded feelings, how much, i didn't have a clue


The life i lived was full of excitement yet ever so dull
There was always someone to talk to but i was always alone
Smiles were the norm yet i was dying inside
Love was implied and talked but it was not felt

To you life's a curse
Everyday wondering how the next will be worse
Its too much sand to get caught up in
Now you're up to your neck in it and to get out there's no water to swim

I sit, silence from my mouth
Pain in my heart, tears from my eyes
All i want is to be happy
I know that true happiness comes in death


You make me do things that i thought I'd never do
Like a vine to a fence i want to grow all over you
Like vines that intertwine with each other
its the same i want to do for you

the steamy tears ache to overrun their banks
i dare not release them for giving into the enemy
what else am i to do to get away from it all
i soar to the sky and can still hear it taunting music

i hate you
I hate you for making me think about you
I wanna be near you but i stay far
I miss you, wanna call you just to hear your voice but i can't

Lying here unable to sleep
Thoughts of you flood my mind
Like the sands of time
One grain away from you seems like forever


Hi good morning I hope you have a good day
I enjoyed the time we spent last night I just wanted to say

What words could undo the done
I'm thinking, I'm seraching, and I've foung none
I Love you...... perhaps...but he's heard that before
I need you, can'y be without you, then why'd you walk out his door?

Oh my you just wrote a poem for me
It just feels like your hand is in my chest
speeding up my heart beat


Going and fade to Black don't blink because you just might miss me
Miss me miss me i can't believe you split b
Its been eight minutes since the news i'm Mr. Ripley
Fighting off the feeling softer than the touch


My dreams have thus been but a memory
A sensory experience that can only be combated by the jolts to each electron
Whitty and careful cautious yet frisky
Lovely yet thornful cries without a tear

Where to begin, ... the start i guess
My heart and head, world war III, constant distress
Explanations fluster all at once, to pick one i am dared
Attempting the difficultly possible, this once, eyes narrowed, guns holstered, i'm spared


Broken pieces on the floor
I cant breathe in air any more
Darkness closes in i cant see
Why has my Dark Knight done this to me

Crazy! careless! on the brink
Are thoughts of me now which I think
Really? Maybe? I should have known
This hurt this pain I cannot drown

i sit accompanied by memories once past
thinking back on how they came about and now are gone so fast
rewarded with a smile that is true and pure
memories that burn into my soul rich, warm and raw

Your voice shakey and unsure haunt my thoughts
visions of your smile your worry, your eyes, conversation haults
How did we get here? Are you for real?
Am i just another victim to add to your wall, a prize, a meal

I’ve waited so long for this moment to come and finally its here!
Here you say? Is it really where?
I can’t see it show me,
Where is it? I can’t feel it hold me

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All my life my bubble carried me until one day i was set free the ground hurt as i fell a lot more pain was to come i could tell my eyes were opened one of first then came my legs, arms and the thirst at my first steps i shook and landed on my face at my second attempt i struck gold only landing on my base third through fourth i dropped even harder fourth through tenth i was dragged even farther now at eleven i sit and wonder whats in store for me but all that was whispered was that it was but a mystery... i hope you enjoy my poetry! !)

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A Walk With You

A walk alone in the dark with you
reveled things that i knew were true
A walk alone in the park with you
exploded feelings, how much, i didn't have a clue
A walk together hand in hand
Your touch i had now on demand
A walk separated apart from you
I've never been so lost and angry too
A walk behind in your shoes
i felt the melody of your steps singing the blues
A walk ahead in front your eyes
i tried ti hide the hurt in a disguise
A walk together step by step
The love between us still was kept
A walk together beat for beat
My heart i hope you'll love and keep
A walk together yet to come
You and i my love have yet to write that one.

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Ray Springer Popularity

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