Deceitful Lies Of Lust Poem by Kimberly Santistevan

Deceitful Lies Of Lust

I sit here
And think back to when
I believed your words.

It was a few years ago
When I was young and stupid.

You told me to meet you there
I was stupid enough to say yes.

I seen you that night,
You said I looked good
And that you wanted to go for a walk.

I said okay and we went on
You stopped me here and there
Kissing my neck.

Messing around is what got me in this much pain
Don’t know why I was so dumb.

You didn’t want me to leave
You held onto my arm.

You squeezed it within your hands
Your tightness weakened me
But I didn’t let you win.

I got free from your hands
And you let go.

I could have been raped by you that night
And I still have the nerve to talk to you today.

I was dumb for that night and for still talking to you
But now I am smart.

So get gone
I hate you with a passion.
Stay out of my life.

I will no longer hear your lies
I know you only want to use me.

Leave now and be gone forever
I only hurt from your words that you tell me.

Leave and never come back.
Leave me now
You have caused me so much pain.
I will no longer take your lies that you tell me.

Colin J... 01 February 2007

dear Kim, If this is true, then he should be forgotten, young mens urges are strong, but I get the feeling that he would not have harmed you, maybe you were meant for each other... Colin J, , , As before, keep writing...

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